Anubis tattoo, the ancient Egyptian god of mummification and the afterlife has become a symbol that transcends time and culture. this type of tattoo, once niche, is now finding its way into mainstream art artistry. This surge in popularity can be attributed to the rich symbolism associated with Anubis and the stunning visual appeal of the tattoos.

Anubis Chest Tattoo

When making a bold statement, the chest is a prime canvas. Anubis’s chest tattoos exude strength and mystery. As a prominent location, the chest allows for intricate designs, depicting Anubis in various poses, adorned with Egyptian symbols that amplify the tattoo’s meaning.

Chest Tattoo

Anubis Forearm Tattoo

The forearm is preferred for those seeking a more visible yet versatile option. Anubis forearm tattoos can be tailored to fit the contour of the arm, creating a harmonious blend of art and anatomy. This placement allows for creativity, with artists often incorporating elements like ankh symbols or hieroglyphics.

Anubis Forearm Tattoo

Anubis Neck Tattoo

Elevate your art game with a neck inked. This daring choice adds an element of intrigue and draws attention to the mystical aura surrounding Anubis. The neck’s curvature provides an excellent canvas for artists to showcase their skills while delivering a captivating narrative.

Anubis Neck Tattoo

Anubis God Tattoo

Anubis isn’t just a mythological creature; he is a revered god in Egyptian mythology. Depicting this art in his godly form adds a layer of divine symbolism to the design. Artists often use regal colors and intricate details to emphasize Anubis’s god-like attributes.

God tattoo

Horus Anubis Tattoo

Combining Anubis with another Egyptian deity, Horus results in a mesmerizing fusion. The symbolism of these two powerful entities intertwining creates a narrative of balance, protection, and divine intervention. A Horus art is a unique homage to Egyptian mythology.

Horus art

Anubis Egyptian Tattoos

Embrace the full splendor of Egyptian symbolism by incorporating it into a broader Egyptian-themed. Pyramids, sphinxes, and scarabs can complement Anubis, creating a comprehensive representation of this ancient civilization’s mystique.

Egyptian design

Realistic Anubis Tattoo

For those who appreciate artistry in its purest form, a realistic design is a testament to the skill of the tattoo artist. The attention to detail brings Anubis to life on your skin, capturing every nuance of this iconic figure.

Realistic design

Outline Anubis Tattoo Stencil

Minimalism meets mysticism with an outline art. Using a stencil to create clean, bold lines, this style embraces simplicity while retaining the profound symbolism associated with Anubis. The result is a timeless and versatile piece of body art.


Eye of Anubis Tattoo

Anubis’s eye holds profound symbolism, representing protection and vigilance. This type focuses on this significant element, often featuring a stylized depiction of the eye surrounded by symbolic motifs. It’s a powerful choice for those seeking a visually striking yet meaningful tattoo.

Eye on forearm tattoo


In the realm of tattoos, Anubis stands as a captivating and versatile symbol. Whether adorning your chest, forearm, or neck, each Anubis tattoo tells a unique story. As you embark on your tattoo journey, let the mystique of Anubis guide you, and may your ink be as timeless as the ancient deity it represents.

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