Tongue tattoos are a unique and intriguing form of body art that has gained popularity recently. This article explores the world of tongue tattoos, including various designs and meanings. They are unique and give an attractive look to others.

Blue Tongue Skink Tattoo

The blue tongue skink tattoo is inspired by the lizard known for its distinctive blue tongue. This tattoo design often features a blue tongue sticking out, symbolizing boldness and self-expression.

Blue Tongue Tattoo

Devil Tongue Tattoo

The devil tongue tattoo is a design that reflects a rebellious and daring personality. It typically includes devil horns and a forked tongue, representing a sense of mischief and non-conformity.

Devil Tongue Tattoo

Inumaki Tongue Tattoo

Inumaki tongue tattoos are inspired by the character Toge Inumaki from the popular anime “Jujutsu Kaisen.” These tattoos often include mystical symbols and a forked tongue, embodying the supernatural powers of the character.

Inumaki Tongue

Lip and Tongue Tattoo

Combining a lip and tongue tattoo creates a unique and bold statement. This design usually features a symbol or word on the lip and extends onto the tongue. It’s a powerful way to express a hidden message.

Lips And Tongue Tattoo

Permanent Tongue Tattoo

Unlike some tattoos that fade over time, permanent tongue tattoos are designed to last a lifetime. The ink used is specially formulated to adhere to the tongue’s unique texture, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy.

Permanent Tattoo

Rolling Stone Tongue Tattoo

The Rolling Stones’ iconic tongue and lips logo has inspired countless tattoos. The image of the extended tongue is a symbol of rock ‘n’ roll, rebellion, and timeless music.

Rolling Stones Tattoo

Snake Tongue Tattoo

A snake tongue tattoo incorporates the image of a snake’s forked tongue. This design is often chosen by those who want to symbolize transformation, cunning, or a connection to the serpent in mythology.

Snake Tattoo

Sukuna Tongue Tattoo

Sukuna tongue tattoos are inspired by the character Ryomen Sukuna from “Jujutsu Kaisen.” These tattoos typically feature a fearsome and elaborate design that reflects the character’s power and presence.

Sukuna Tongue

Tongue Tattoo on Neck

Some individuals choose to have tongue tattoos that extend onto their necks. This bold choice combines two distinct areas of the body for a unique and eye-catching look.

Neck Tattoo


Tongue tattoos are a distinctive form of body art that allows individuals to express themselves boldly and uniquely. From the blue tongue skink tattoo to the Rolling Stone tongue, the options are diverse, and the meanings are personal.

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